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It's Seriously Fun Science!

At Curious Minds, LLC we believe children are natural inventors, full of curiosity and passion which is why our programs are an incredible fit for all learners. We provide STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) programs for ages 18 months – 12 years. STEM education nurtures a child’s willingness to explore, observe, ask questions, make predictions and integrate their learning without fear or bias.

You can count on Curious Minds, LLC for genuine, accredited science education for your children. Our proprietary method of teaching project-based inquiry science has proven to give students personal achievement of the “A-HA!” moment we as educators strive for them to have.

All of our Engaging Programs…

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Align with National Science
Educational Standards

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Align with Early
Childhood Indicators

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Foster Science Literacy

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Bridge Across Curriculum

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Are Taught by Licensed
Educators and Content Experts
with Degrees in Science and/
or Teaching

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Are Developed by Licensed
Educators and Content Experts
Formerly of the
Science Museum of MN

Our à la Carte Menu Includes…

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Earth Science

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We’re a SciGirls CONNECT Partner!

Curious Minds, LLC is excited to announce our new SciGirls Field Investigations (for girls ages 8 to 13). Curious Minds, LLC has been named a SciGirls Connect partner through TPT PBS! Through this partnership, we will be offering an afternoon program for girls ages 8 to 13!

Programs are tailored to fit your program needs.
To schedule your program, call 612-232-4400

SciGirls CONNECT website

Programs We Offer… click images to view program details

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Curious Minds Programs: Academic School Year Programs image

Program Videos

Family Fun STEAM Night

We come to your location with five (5) hands-on exploration activities including engineering challenges, art and science activities, touch and feel stations and two make-n-take projects for all participants. We provide the staff and all of the materials for your event. Great for PreS — 6th grade!

STEAM in the Classroom

Our In-House Field Trips are project based hands-on fun. Each of our lessons has a literacy component such as a great children's book that our STEAM activity is based upon. For example: Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beatty will be the focus of our engineering challenge for your learners that day!

Curious Minds, LLC Enrichment Program

Kinderberry Hill has partnered with Curious Minds, LLC for exploring science through imagination and investigation. Curious Minds empowers children to learn science while having fun. The curriculum engages the whole brain through the inquiry science method of teaching. Preschool-age children are building a foundation for future learning and scientific understanding. Their curiosity makes this the perfect time to answer questions and help them create an understanding of how the world works. Beginning in our Pre-kindergarten program, all enrolled children will attend Curious Minds, LLC enrichment classes once per month.