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Arts Lessons: Preschool – 5th grade

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) lessons are adaptable to various developmental levels of students. Grades noted next to descriptions are mere recommendations.

Amazing Food Race

Students will learn how food goes from farm to table through activities and games.

Preschool–2nd grade

Animal Camouflage

Students will examine adaptations that allow a plant or animal to remain undetected in its natural environment by blending in to the surroundings through color, design, or shape of parts.

Preschool–3rd grade

Animal Homes

Students will compare and contrast animals’ homes above or below the ground and construct an animal home.

Preschool–5th grade

Animal Tracks

Students will discover that through keen observation of our surroundings coupled with logical thinking we can draw a conclusion as to what may have taken place prior to our arrival.

Preschool–3rd grade

Architect! (Inspired by the children’s book by Angela Beatty, Iggy Peck Architect)

Students will implement the engineering design process and complete a design challenge inspired by Iggy Peck.

Preschool–5th grade


Students will build a vibrating robot from toothbrushes that will then be used in various ways to perform simple challenges.

1st–5th grade

Build an Earthquake Proof Home

Students will discover how the earth relieves stress through volcanoes and earthquakes. They’ll put their engineering and architectural skills to the test by building an earthquake proof home.

2nd–5th grade

Designed by Nature

Students will discover how engineers can use biomimicry to enhance their designs. They learn how the careful observation of nature—becoming a nature detective, so to speak—can lead to new innovations and products. In this activity, students reverse engineer a flower to glean design ideas for new products.

1st–5th grade

Do Ptarmigans Have Snowshoes

Students will investigate whether the feathers of the ptarmigan have a secondary adaptation—whether the feathers increase flotation like snowshoes do.

Kindergarten–5th grade

Engineer! (Inspired by the children’s book by Angela Beatty, Rosie Revere, Engineer!)

Students examine the components of a paper helicopter and then design and construct their own working paper helicopter.

Prekindergarten–3rd grade

Goldilocks Engineers a Chair!

Students find inspiration from this classic story to then implement the engineering design process to design and construct a chair given certain parameters.

Prekindergarten–5th grade


Students will perform plate tectonic experiments.

2nd–5th grade

Playdoh Process

Students will mix and measure to create their own play-doh to compare and contrast to store bought play-doh.

Prekindergarten–5th grade


Students will design and construct a working vehicle that moves by wind power.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Sail Away

Students will implement the engineering design process to create a sail to help move a “boat” across the water using their breath as the wind.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Sound Mapping

Students will use their sense of hearing, students will discover the range of activities and inhabitants that occupy the space around their school grounds or nearby areas. The purpose of this lesson is to teach students how to draw and read a map using symbols and legends. It also helps them learn how to observe their surroundings thoughtfully using their senses, as well providing an introduction to categorizing species.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Starry Sky

Students will predict and observe that solids dissolve in to water.

2 class periods recommended.


STEM a Bird Beak!

Students will comprehend that birds have physically adapted in relation to their type of food supply and deduce what beaks are most efficient for given foods by experimenting with imitation beaks and creating beaks out of supplies.

1st–5th grade

STEM Nest!

Students will observe a variety of nests then put their engineering skills to the test. Finding inspiration in nature, students will design and construct a nest.

Preschool–5th grade

Wet Suit for the Gingerbread Man!

Students will design and create a wet suit for their gingerbread man or animal so it will stay dry when dunked in water for 10 seconds.

Preschool–5th grade
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