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Chemistry Lessons: Preschool – 5th grade

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) lessons are adaptable to various developmental levels of students. Grades noted next to descriptions are mere recommendations.

Bubble Science

Students will experiment with bubble formula recipes to create their perfect bubble and construct an array of bubble wands.


Candy Chromatography

Students will find out what color dyes make up the color of our candy by a process scientists use called chromatography.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Chemical Changes in Matter

Students will design an experiment to discover properties of chemical changes in matter.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Cooke Dough Ornaments

Students will mix and measure to create their own cookie dough ornament.

Preschool–1st grade

Drip Drop

Students will explore how primary water colors mix to create secondary water colors.

Preschool–1st grade

Dry Ice Crystal Ball Science

Students will explore how mixing a solid with a liquid creates a gas.

1st–5th grade

Involving Dissolving

Students will experiment dissolving solids in to liquids and creating salt water art.

2 class periods recommended.

1st–5th grade

Juice Rockets

Students will test 3 acidic juices to see which one will send the film canister cap the farthest.

1st–5th grade

Lava Lamp

Students will discover density by combining liquids and solids in their own lava lamp.

1st–5th grade

Lemon Battery

Students will examine properties of a voltaic battery with simple experiments.

2nd–5th grade

Matter Matters! - Solids, liquids and gases

Students will experiment with solids, liquids and gases to study phases of matter.

Preschool–5th grade

Mission: Clean Water

Students will examine pH and make a working water filter that cleans dirty water.

2nd–5th grade

Physical Changes in Matter

Students will design an experiment to discover properties of physical changes in matter.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Playdoh Process

Students will mix and measure to create their own play-doh to compare and contrast to store bought play-doh.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Press Here

Students will explore how primary colors of Kool-Aid play-doh mix to create secondary colors.

Preschool–1st grade

Properties of Water

Students will participate in activities to explore surface tension, stickiness of water and buoyancy of objects in water.

Preschool–3rd grade

Shake It, Shake It, Let’s All Make It – Ice Cream In A Bag!

Students will study chemistry by making ice cream.


The Effects of Acid Rain

Students will conduct a simple experiment to model and explore the harmful effects of acid rain on living and non-living objects.

2 class periods approximately 4 days apart preferred.

2nd–5th grade

Wacky Experiments

Students will learn about chemistry through an array of experiments from fizzy rockets to lava lamps.

1st–5th grade
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