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PreS-PreK In-House Field Trips and K-5 Residencies

Our In-House Field Trips and Student Residencies are project-based hands-on fun. Each of our lessons has a literacy component such as a great children’s book that our STEAM activity is based upon. For example: Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beatty will be the focus of our engineering challenge for your learners that day!

The link between early childhood and STEAM is indisputable. Early exposure to STEAM—whether it be in school, at a museum, a library, or just engaging in the natural trial and error of play-supports children’s overall academic growth, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills, and enhances later interest in STEAM study and careers. (JD Chesloff’s editorial Sparking a Child’s Interest in Science and Technology).

Licensed Content Expert:

All classes are taught by licensed teachers and content experts with degrees in the sciences and/or education.

Contract Terms:

An $18 materials fee per class will apply. Mileage fees may apply. Fees reflect current government rate per mile from our Bloomington, MN headquarters.

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Class Length:

40-50 Minutes
Class length may be shortened
for younger learners
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1-2 Visits: $105 per class visit

Payment due 30 days in advance

3-pack: $102 per class visit

Payment due 30 days in advance

Our Best Seller!
6-pack: $99 per class visit

Program must be used within 9 months.

12-pack: $98 per class visit

Program must be used within 15 months.


“Curious Minds, LLC is a desirable program for teachers because the instruction is presented in child-friendly ways, including terms they can easily grasp and relating the material to their daily lives. The concepts are demonstrated through interactive, visual ways to the children, catered to different learning styles. The hands-on experiments the children do as well as the take-home aspect allow the children to share what they have learned with their families.”

—Director, Kinderberry Hill Developmental Centers

“I wanted to send you a note about how thankful I am that you came to our class to teach us about some interesting weather happenings.

You were amazing and you explained concepts in their Pre-K language which is a talent. You simplified some pretty complicated topics for my little ones, and "popped a few eyes out" (not literally( in amazement. Please come back next year. Thanks for your knowledge and expertise. I was amazed…you made my eyes pop out too!”

—Kara Harlan, Pre-K Teacher

“I can't say enough about how great this class is for small children. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you, Amy, for all you do!”

—Julie McGaughey, Mother of a 5 Year-Old Montessori Student

Curious Minds, LLC programs and curriculum put our centers in the forefront of innovative education.”

—Lisa Swan, District Manager, Kinderberry Hill Developmental Centers