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Mathematics Lessons: Preschool – 5th grade

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) lessons are adaptable to various developmental levels of students. Grades noted next to descriptions are mere recommendations.


Students will learn about wind energy and construct a working anemometer, then collect and record data.

1st–5th grade

Architect! (Inspired by the children’s book by Angela Beatty, Iggy Peck Architect)

Students will implement the engineering design process and complete a design challenge inspired by Iggy Peck.

Preschool–5th grade

Build an Earthquake Proof Home

Students will discover how the earth relieves stress through volcanoes and earthquakes. They’ll put their engineering and architectural skills to the test by building an earthquake proof home.

2nd–5th grade

Energy Everywhere!

Students will learn about different types of energy and their uses through hands-on activities.

Preschool–4th grade

Engineer! (Inspired by the children’s book by Angela Beatty, Rosie Revere, Engineer!)

Students examine the components of a paper helicopter and then design and construct their own working paper helicopter.

Prekindergarten–3rd grade

Engineering Derby

Student teams will be challenged to navigate a table tennis ball through a timed obstacle course using only the provided unconventional “tools.” Teams act as engineers by working through the steps of the engineering design process to complete the overall task, with each group member responsible to accomplish one of the obstacle course challenges.

Preschool–5th grade

Environmental Interactions

Students will create a “web” to identify and demonstrate the interactions among the living and non-living parts of an environment.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Inquiry and Engineering Gliders

Student teams will implement the engineering design process and design, build and test small-sized gliders to maximize flight distance.

3rd–5th grade

Marshmallow Catapult

Students will construct a marshmallow catapult and experiment with trajectory.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Mission: Clean Water

Students will examine pH and make a working water filter that cleans dirty water.

2nd–5th grade

Playdoh Process

Students will mix and measure to create their own play-doh to compare and contrast to store bought play-doh.

Prekindergarten–5th grade


Students will design and construct a working vehicle that moves by wind power.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Shadow Patterns and Sundials

Students will build sundials and collect data based on their observations.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Solar Ovens

Students construct a working solar oven and learn about solar energy.

1st–5th grade

Space and Magnetism

Students will learn about earth’s magnetosphere and the impact it has on earth.

Preschool–5th grade

Stomp Rockets

Students will explore air pressure, Newton’s laws of motion, mass, gravity by constructing working stomp rockets.

3rd–5th grade

The Last Straw

Students will explore components of the night sky, our solar system and our universe. They will conduct a series of activities including aerospace dynamics.

Preschool–5th grade

Three Little Engineers

Students will construct homes and towers with magic noodles that can withstand the power of wind from a fan.

Preschool–2nd grade

Windy City

Students will measure wind speed and construct a building that can withstand strong winds.

Preschool–5th grade

Waves of Sound

Students will discover that sound is a form of energy that moves in waves and experiment with “seeing” and hearing sound waves.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Who Stole the Cookie? (Forensic Science Lab)

Students will use their observation skills, logical thinking skills and process of elimination to determine who committed the crime.

Prekindergarten–5th grade
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