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Space Lessons: Preschool – 5th grade

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) lessons are adaptable to various developmental levels of students. Grades noted next to descriptions are mere recommendations.

Earth, Moon and Sun

Students will compare the size of the planets in our solar system to each other through activities to understand the scale of our place in the solar system, galaxy and universe.

1st–5th grade

Earth’s Moon

Students will perform experiments to discover physical properties of Earth’s moon.

Preschool–1st grade

Layers of the Atmosphere

Students will study earth’s atmosphere and discover what happens when warm and cold air masses mix, why we see shooting stars and more.

1st–5th grade

Mars Lander

Students will design and build a shock-absorbing system for their astronaut to land safely on Mars.

2 class periods recommended.

1st–5th grade

Night and Day

Students will explore what causes night and day on our planet.

Preschool–1st grade

Our Sun

Students will study the UV rays of the sun and how the sun provides energy for life on earth.

Prekindergarten–5th grade

Rocket Power

Students will explore Newton’s 3rd Law by experimenting with fizzy rockets.

2nd–5th grade

Solar Ovens

Students construct a working solar oven and learn about solar energy.

1st–5th grade

Space and Magnetism

Students will learn about earth’s magnetosphere and the impact it has on earth.

Preschool–5th grade

Starry Sky

Students will predict and observe that solids dissolve in to water.

2 class periods recommended.


Stomp Rockets

Students will explore air pressure, Newton’s laws of motion, mass, gravity by constructing working stomp rockets.

3rd–5th grade

The Last Straw

Students will explore components of the night sky, our solar system and our universe. They will conduct a series of activities including aerospace dynamics.

Preschool–5th grade
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