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Teacher Workshops

Our Teacher Workshops are of a hands-on nature and encourage active participation. Clock hours are available upon request. Workshops are designed for up to 25 teachers. An additional material fee of $150 will be added for large groups.

STEAM and Cognitive Development

(Toddler – Kindergarten)

This workshop is based on Piaget’s research. Learn how STEAM impacts the development of whole-brain learning of young learners. Experience activities to bring STEAM in to the natural flow of your classroom environment and everyday learning.

Tinkering through STEAM

(Toddler – Kindergarten)

Discover the many ways cognitive skills are developed though hands-on STEAM activities in your classroom. Learn to re-purpose materials you already have handy to incorporate science, engineering, peer collaboration and problem solving skills across your curriculum!

We’ll show you how to create a Tinker-Station in your classroom! A Tinker-Station is similar to a science area or sensory area only it is all about engineering and building and creating with your imagination. We’ll provide each participant with a starter pack of Tinker-Station lessons to get you started in your classroom. Our Tinker-Station packet includes activities, a book list for each activity, engaging questions for your students to ponder, extension activities for each lesson and a science vocabulary word to display to enrich literacy. Packets will be emailed as a pdf.

There is an additional fee of $65 for this workshop.

STEAM through Children’s Books

(Toddler – 1st grade)

Teachers will experience four (4) activity stations. Each activity is designed to accompany a children’s story. For example, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin, Jr. may be one activity. However, we put a science spin on the story and focus on how our ear hears and we explore states of matter and how vibrations travel through them! Great for Preschool – 1st grade!

Science Playshop

(Toddler – 4th grade)

Dive in to inquiry science and project-based learning through this engaging workshop. Participants will rotate through five (5) activity stations each equipped with either a science activity or an activity bridging science throughout the arts and other curricular areas! We’ll also discuss ways to adapt activities specifically to your classroom. Great for Preschool – 4th grade!

STEAM and Project Based Learning

(Preschool – 6th grade)

What’s all the excitement about? Is STEAM the latest trend or here to stay? Learn about the unique flexibility of the engineering design process used by STEAM educators, its real-world impact on todays workforce and how we as educators can accomplish such learning in our everyday curriculum. Participants will complete 1-3 science challenges based on the engineering design process. Great for teachers Preschool – 6th grade, school directors, principals and program leaders!

The Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method

(Kindergarten – 6th grade)

Experience the difference between the engineering design process and the scientific method! We will compare and contrast the two methods, learn which method is best suited for types of projects and then experience putting each to the test through a hands-on activity. Great for Kindergarten – 6th grade!

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By Appointment
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Class Length:

90 Minutes - 2 hours
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$550 first hour,
$100 additional hour
Trip and material fees may apply.


“Curious Minds, LLC is a desirable program for teachers because the instruction is presented in child-friendly ways, including terms they can easily grasp and relating the material to their daily lives. The concepts are demonstrated through interactive, visual ways to the children, catered to different learning styles. The hands-on experiments the children do as well as the take-home aspect allow the children to share what they have learned with their families.”

—Director, Kinderberry Hill Developmental Centers

“I wanted to send you a note about how thankful I am that you came to our class to teach us about some interesting weather happenings.

You were amazing and you explained concepts in their Pre-K language which is a talent. You simplified some pretty complicated topics for my little ones, and "popped a few eyes out" (not literally( in amazement. Please come back next year. Thanks for your knowledge and expertise. I was amazed…you made my eyes pop out too!”

—Kara Harlan, Pre-K Teacher

“I can't say enough about how great this class is for small children. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you, Amy, for all you do!”

—Julie McGaughey, Mother of a 5 Year-Old Montessori Student

Curious Minds, LLC programs and curriculum put our centers in the forefront of innovative education.”

—Lisa Swan, District Manager, Kinderberry Hill Developmental Centers