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Toddler Classes

Curious Minds LLC Toddler classes intend to adhere to Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Guidelines for Birth to 3.

Our toddler activities foster:

  • ✔ Social and Emotional Development: Trust and Emotional Security, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Relationships with Other Children
  • ✔ Language Development and Communication: Listening and Understanding, Communicating and Speaking, Emergent Literacy
  • ✔ Cognitive Development: Exploration and Discovery, Memory, Problem Solving, Imitation and Symbolic Play
  • ✔ Physical and Motor Development: Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Physical Health and Well-Being

Each activity includes a story, hands-on explore time and a make-n-take. An $8 materials fee per class will apply.

Classes run approximately 30 min. All classes are taught by licensed teachers and content experts with degrees in the sciences and/or education.

Contract Terms:

Trip and material fees my apply.

“Toddlers between 18 months and 36 months have increased ability to influence their environments in many ways, including verbal language and physical actions to obtain more of the things they need or want, which in turn enhances their development in other areas. Toddlers are seeking new ways to increase their assertiveness and independence while also receiving reassurance and support from others who share in their adventures.” Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Guidelines for Birth to 3 View the PDF online

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Class Length:

30 Minutes
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Lesson Options

All About Me!

What makes us grow and be healthy? What makes each of us unique? Explore physical characteristics of what makes each of us unique and make a mini-me to bring home.

Animal Homes

Above ground, below ground, high in a tree or under a rock. We’ll explore animal homes of all kinds then create a unique animal home of your own.

Antarctica Fun

Did you know Antarctica is the world’s largest desert? Discover the habitat and characteristics of the emperor penguin and blue whale through hands-on fun and physical activity.

Black Bears

How big is a black bear paw? What does a black bears fur feel like; soft or rough? We’ll touch real fur and compare our hand to that of a real black bear paw replica as we discover black bear habitat.

Fall Frenzy

Does the size of a pumpkin determine how many seeds are inside? Gourds, pumpkins, crunchy leaves and much more will be explored!

Fins, Furs and Feathers

Are all feathers water resistant? How does an animal stay warm in winter? Students examine the textures of animal coverings and create a unique animal mask to bring home.

Nature Paint Prints

Does nature supply us with tools to build and create with? Sights, sounds and textures are explored and art is created using objects found in nature.

Ramps and Balls

Are all balls created equal? Why do some bounce and some do not? Students explore the size and shape of balls and how the height of a ramp may effect the speed and distance the ball rolls.


Explore modes of transportation and make art with the tracks made by vehicles.

Ugh a Bug!

Discover the difference between an insect and a bug. Go on a camouflage bug hunt and create and insect to bring home.

Toddler Socialization

60-minute, hands-on event for up to 12 families! (minimum of 5 families)

Families will enjoy this playful and active learning time with their toddler! We’ll begin with a song, story and activity based upon the story. Then families will be able to roam throughout our real science cause-and-effect and sensory activity stations with their toddler for some very fun playful learning! A Curious Minds LLC early childhood educator will be there to interact with you and guide you through.

Curious Minds LLC will provide all of the materials for story time with a make-n-take activity and 3 more activities to explore that will be either 1-2 sensory activities or 1-2 cause and effect activities.

You provide the space, a classroom teacher and families.

Trip and materials fees may apply.


“Curious Minds, LLC is a desirable program for teachers because the instruction is presented in child-friendly ways, including terms they can easily grasp and relating the material to their daily lives. The concepts are demonstrated through interactive, visual ways to the children, catered to different learning styles. The hands-on experiments the children do as well as the take-home aspect allow the children to share what they have learned with their families.”

—Director, Kinderberry Hill Developmental Centers

“I wanted to send you a note about how thankful I am that you came to our class to teach us about some interesting weather happenings.

You were amazing and you explained concepts in their Pre-K language which is a talent. You simplified some pretty complicated topics for my little ones, and "popped a few eyes out" (not literally( in amazement. Please come back next year. Thanks for your knowledge and expertise. I was amazed…you made my eyes pop out too!”

—Kara Harlan, Pre-K Teacher

“I can't say enough about how great this class is for small children. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you, Amy, for all you do!”

—Julie McGaughey, Mother of a 5 Year-Old Montessori Student

Curious Minds, LLC programs and curriculum put our centers in the forefront of innovative education.”

—Lisa Swan, District Manager, Kinderberry Hill Developmental Centers